Why you must Do SEO

While launching your website you must have a SEO strategy in place. Those who dare to ignore SEO, generally have sites without any visitors and ultimately one close it. A website without SEO strategy is approaching its death slowly.


Here Are Top Ten Reasons Why You Must Do SEO:


  1. 85% of total web traffic comes from search engines like google, yahoo, bing. If you ignore Search Engine you are risking loss of 85% of web traffic.
  2. Most of Google searchers don’t check second page of Google. So being on first page of Google is must.
  3. Your competitors are using search engine optimization. Even if you ignore SEO, your competitors are taking advantage of it.
  4. Targeted traffic results in sales. Merely attracting visitors is not enough. Only targeted visitors searching for appropriate keywords can increase your sales.
  5. Online visitors trust those sites which are ranked on first page of search engines. Its been observed that visitors feel comfortable visiting websites ranked higher in search engines as they believe that Google sho
  6. SEO (Search engine optimization) helps to improve quality of content posted on your site. Onpage optimization techniques like density analysis, navigation analysis, H1, H2 tags improves the browsing experience of visitors.
  7. Long term effect. In contrast to PPC, efforts put into SEO gives returns for years. PPC ads or email marketing have very short term impact while a good SEO can keep sending you visitors for many years.
  8. Link building part of SEO can bring large number of visitors. Directory submission, article submission, social book marking, press release, forum posting, blog commenting can generate direct traffic too.
  9. New Content. Quality SEO consultants add tones of new content to your site. This not only increases the value of your site but also the time spent on your site by visitors.
  10. Most of the quality SEO consultant suggests some conversion tactics which can increase your turnover. The conversion tactics are some changes in site that can encourage your visitors to buy product or services from you.