How to get your home summer-ready

Summer is nearly upon us, making this a great time to carry out some maintenance tasks and design updates to ensure your home is ready for the warmest months of the year. Read on to find out what to get done in preparation for summer.



Refresh your interiors

Banish any dark winter colours and bring a little sunshine into your home by swapping furnishings and accessories like cushions, rugs and artwork for cheerier versions. Strong hues like yellow and orange will work well, depending on your existing decor. You can do the same thing in the kitchen; a brightly-coloured tablecloth and a vase that’s always filled with vibrant flowers can go a long way towards making your interiors summer-ready.

Get your boiler serviced

It might seem like an odd time of year to be checking your boiler and central heating, but making sure everything is in working order is a good idea after heavy usage during the winter. This will reduce the risk of needing to call out an engineer during the busier – and potentially more expensive – autumn and winter months.

Sort out any leaks

You should always keep an eye out for potential leaks in the water system, but it’s especially important in the run-up to summer, when the warm weather can sometimes result in restrictions on water usage. Always report any leaks to your water company and remember that this could also save you money if you use a water meter. You could waste 15 litres a day through a tap that leaks at a rate of one drop per second.


Re-paint the exterior

The warmer months are the ideal time to refresh your property’s exterior with a lick of paint, especially as it’s likely that the winter weather will have wreaked its usual havoc, meaning your existing paintwork has probably seen better days! Take advantage of time-saving equipment like spray paint machines – hire rather than buy to cut down on the expense – and be sure to take the relevant precautions, like wearing grippy shoes and donning safety goggles. You may also need to look into hiring scaffolding, depending on how high you need to go in your painting.

Fix the guttering and roof

The aforementioned cold weather may also have caused damage to vital parts of your home’s structure, including the roof and guttering, so it’s well worth getting these checked out and fixed, if necessary, while the sun’s out.

This will stand your property in good stead for rain and snow later in the year. Make sure you hire a good builder for roof work in particular

Get the garden ship-shape

This is the task most of us think of when it comes to getting the home summer-ready – and with good reason! As well as looking at ways to make your garden more aesthetically attractive, you should check your fencing to make sure it’s sturdy and secure, and give it a lick of paint if needed. Also take a look at the lock on your back gate and consider planting thorny plants near it and below ground-level windows and low fencing. Many burglaries take place in the summer so the harder you make it for would-be thieves to get in, the better.