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Ok, the summer is here officially. Although the smiling weather lady tells you about rain and hale. Happy summer solstice, by the way. If you have a spare moment this summer, do something that is good both for your home and for the environment – declutter.

Decluttering your home helps decluttering your mind. The Universe likes symbolic gestures, you’ll find that if you keep your surroundings tidy, you obtain a clearer mind and a feeling of confidence.

Our homes are full of stuff that, let’s be honest, doesn’t belong there. If you care about the environment and want others to regard you as a green person (not literally, I hope) these decluttering tips will come in handy.

I won’t bore you with feng-shui stuff that teaches you how to arrange things in your house (simply because I don’t know much about it) but it’s not really important. Keep it simple, clean it up and make decluttering a big and noisy family event. It’s great fun!!!